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Have had a great season!

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Now definitely not the largest deer I've ever killed but probably the coolest. A bunch of PBS guys assaulted Blackbeard Island in Georgia last week and I was lucky to get this one. These deer are a sub species of the whitetail family that are very small. One guy killed a 4.5 year old buck that weighed 118 pounds (live weight).

Hunting on the beach, how cool is that?


Yes you have!!!!!! I love bucks with trash!



Tony Sanders:
TJ, yes you are the man down there in Kentucky. Congrats on a great season. I still have one archery buck tag to fill. Tell you what TJ, send some of your good hunting mojo my way, and I will certainly get it done(LOL) Thanks for sharing.


That is a great season! Congrats to you!

Heck yeah Tom...that's a great season. I have seen your buck before but didn't realize he had that much junk on his bases. Congrats brother!!


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