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Terry Green:
OK....I owe a story....due to several issues, this story got delayed in telling.  But, maybe this will rev up the the calling of the coming fall season.

This hunt also runs parallel to yet another hunt in similarity to Curt Cabrera.  Curt and I both have killed a 300+ pound hog, both have killed fine bucks out of not one, but two of the same trees in TX, and both of us had great success on our 1st pheasant hunt.  This hunt saw me following him again in the result of the animal.

It was early October, and I was in middle GA hunting the property of a friend of mine. My job was to take a cull buck off the property. An over the hill buck most likely, but that wasn't the only type of bucks that needed culling.

The 1st evening was told to go check out an area no one had ever hunted, a big block of softball sized pines with a dirt road on one boarder, two narrow strips of hard wood bottoms on two other boarders, and a big block of hardwoods on the 4th boarder. I was to check the pines and the narrow strips for sign and set up in the most likely place just to 'check it out' to see what was moving through. I was mostly guinea pigging and was to report back. Killing a buck was probably not in the cards, although I'd hunt where I found the most sign and surly take a stab at it.

I was walking a dim road that split the pines with one of my longbows looking for sign...sometimes hard to see in a block of pines, most sign in the pine seems very subtle most of the time. This particular pine block was very open and you could easily see 60 yards and beyond in places, especially when you leaned down a bit.

I got about a 150 yards down the road and I noticed 3 trails close together coming off a rolling knoll. There were several of these knolls along this road and a few sparse trails I'd already passed. Not sure why these 3 trail were so sanded up, but for some reason or another they were very heavily traveled. I took note and moved on. This was before the time change, and about 5:30 on that Friday evening.

I traveled on and came to the narrow hardwood strip that was perpendicular to the dim road, and I went left to check out this 40 yard wide strip that had another block of pines bordering it on the other side and a food plot about 60 yards away through that block. Nothing, just some faint trails and only a few tracks in the food plot that was basically burnt up from lack of rain that August.

So, I back tracked down the hardwood strip to intersect the other hardwood strip boarder that 90 degreed it. Once in the new strip I began to see more sign...but nothing that really cause me to set up. However, at one point, I saw 3 trails that crossed this strip that were heavily used, and I turned right. I confirmed my suspicions as these 3 trails lead directly to the knoll with the 1st three trails....I made note again.

I traveled on down the strip and sign was marginal at best.....


Terry Green:
I then turned left and exited the hardwoods to traverse the short trip through yet another strip of pines to another dim road to double back. This road bordered large pine and mixed hardwoods....mostly large pines and short saplings.

Another dim road had a doe standing in the middle of it looking at me, but I paid her no mind and laid down more track toward a small shallow pond that was beyond the food plot I'd mentioned earlier.

Still seeing sparse sign, I slowly snuck up to the pond that was in a depression and what a pretty sight I saw. A spike was wading in the pond and getting a sip every now and then working his way across the 40 yard pool. When he got to the edge, I watched him horn a downed tree limb and could see his reflection in the pond. I watched him, and I watched him in the pond, and so did he. What a treat.....

Great story. Now what's the rest of it.

:campfire:    :coffee:


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