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Dan "the Man" Quillian has left us

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Mr. Quillian left us today finally to go to a better hunting ground free from pain. I knew him personally like a few of us on this board. I disagreed with him sometimes, listened sometimes and just stood back and watched most of the time at a lost art. Dan Quillian was a man. He would call a spade a spade. He practically single handily got Ga a bow season. I know some of you will have some things to say about Dan but as a bowhunter he did something that takes just damn nerves. He shot a brown bear at 10 yards, by himself ( guide had left briefly) with a ganggreen foot. No way to run, no gun. Nothing. Just Dan.......I have a close friend who use to have the world record brown bear..he says he's still in awe of Dan and that bear. Big Dan...THANKS..you were BOWHUNTER...

Tony Phillips:
He will be missed.

Godspeed Dan, I know you are sitting at the campfire of the great ones...   :campfire:    :)

I did not know him but have heard of his bows. My prayers for him and his family.

Mike Orton:
Rest easy, Big Dan  :pray:


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