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Well we're on or way to a GREAT START     :thumbsup:          :thumbsup:          :thumbsup:    

"Feathers Through the Wind..Steel through the Flesh"    Well Put Mark

You are a wealthy man this fall Vance.

Glad to hear you got some rain before your reiforcements arive Vance  :thumbsup:  We got a half day shower here as well, sure make things smell good after a long dry spell.  :)  Maybe it will put the fires out to the south of us.

Our season starts saterday, I'll be thinking of you guys while smelling fresh washed pine needles. Luck to you, have a great hunt  :campfire:

Kevin Bahr:
Hey Vance, did you save them guys any COOOOOOKIES?

Charlie Lamb:
And good luck to you Robin... I'll be thinking about ya as I cross the great plains on Saturday.
Always praying for rain for you guys.

May even limber up my phone arm and dialin finger.


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