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St Jude's Paradise Hunt 2007

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Terry Green:
I'd like to thank Fred Gimble and Mitch Walker for there generous donation to this hunt Charlie Lamb and I offered up.

Rob DiStefano and Vance Brewer will be guests of the hunt, and Bob Walker is going to cook and help out around camp in any way he can.

We saw 90 deer last year on this hunt, and expect the same this year as the weather has broken to cooler temps, its been raining for 3 days now and the forest floor will be great for stalking, the rain and wind no doubt brought down some acorns from above, and there's a lot of hogs on the property this year.

I'd also like to thank Mr. Sam Roberts for allowing us to donate this hunt at The Paradise.

Its gearing up, and I'm in a holding pattern at the airport awaiting the arrivals of Mitch and Rob.  Bob is just south of the airport buying groceries, and will also be in a holding pattern with me soon.  Vance and Charlie are holed up at JC's house this evening and will head south early AM.

Tomorrow morning Fred will fly in, and we'll pile him in and we'll be on our way.

Stay tuned....this is gonna be a doozie!!!

Waiting with baited breath to see what I missed out on!

Very cool...!  Good luck, guys!


cant wait to hear the stories on this one

I gotta start saving my pennys up for this hunt next year!

Good hunting guys!!!


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