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"The Paradise " St. Judes Hog Hunt - Now with VIDEO!

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Well my buddy Clay and I are headed to Georgia tomorrow evening and meeting up with Terry on Thursday. We're gonna do some hog hunting! Totally new experience for us both.
I'll let ya know how it went.
God bless,

Good luck but mostly have fun and be safe.

You will have a blast!

Terry Green:
I'll be scramblin tomorrow...groceries, water, hunting stuff yadda yadda......Joe Coots will be joining us as well so we can 'spread out' a bit.

No doubt we're gonna have a blast...I guarantee it!!!

"Mr. Nice Guy" Matt Schuster is going down a day ahead to do some scouting for us since I haven't even been since the St Judes Deer/Hog hunt in Oct.  Thanks Matt!

Thanks again to you both for the donation to the kids!!!....bring plenty of arrows!!!

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