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Ok, here goes! There is a heck of a lot of questions reguarding hunting hogs with Archery equipment. The questions range from what equipment to use, how to hunt hogs, where to find hogs, how to clean hogs, are big hogs edible, are they good to eat, can I use calls, do scents work, etc., etc.??????
Im going to try and share all the knowledge I've gained over the years with you in the most informative way I can. I certainly am not Gods gift to hog hunting but a fella can't help but learn a few things spending 3-4 days a week in the woods with hogs.

Opening info is to determine which type of hog you are hunting. There are two very different type of hogs out there. The first type is what I call "Herd Hogs". These are younger hogs that always run in a pack. The pack consists of 10-25 hogs generally and range from 20# to around 150#. Generally the larger hogs will be Sows.

The second type of hogs are the dominant hogs. These hogs will either run singular or will run in a very small group of 3-4 hogs. These hogs are generally from 175# to the largest available. The Singular hogs are generally aged hogs that have seen everything the world has to throw at them. These are the true trophy's and require greater skill and determination to acquire as a trophy. Be prepared to fail if you have set out to hunt a lone, aged boar hog! These guys are sharp!

Herd Hogs) These are the hogs people are talking about when you hear people say that hogs are dumb and blind. NOT SO!!! These hogs are in constant competition within the group and try and beat each other to a food source. They are so busy competing that the word ceases to exist around them. As Mark Horne says, "kids can kill a herd hog". These hogs rarely use their God given sences are are driven entirely by their desire to eat. Gluttony is a perfect word used to describe a herd hog.

Dominant Hogs) These hogs will pose a challenge as great as any trophy animal out there. These dominant hogs don't have such a regimented daily routine such as the herd hogs. The dominant hogs will rarely enter the shooting lane of an Archer without first scrutinizing the entire area. I've had these big hogs circle me repeatedly for hours trying to locate the source of danger that they know is there. You will rarely kill a dominant hog over a baited spot. Scent on the other hand will sometime allow you to coax the bruiser into an opening. Sound will also coax a giant. More later, CK

PS. There are about 6 guys on this site who hunt hogs a hell of a lot. If you guys see something I'm leaving out or wish to add your expertice, please feel free. This thread is here to help those with a bit less knowledge gain some insite. CK

Cool stuff!  Now this weekend I'm looking for a herd hog then a dominant hog.  I'll be hunting the baited areas for the 80#r and sneaking the back eddies for the big boy.  Worked for me last year.  Heck even a fat bowhunter can find a hog now and then.




Thanks for starting this thread; I'm new to Texas and have never hunted hogs before, but I am looking forward to trying it.  I know that there is no substiture for experience, but I am really looking forward to learning as much as possible from you and the other guys on here who have already learned alot of these lessons the hard way.

Thanks Curtis.  This kid has NO knowledge about hog hunting.  There are a few spots here in Ks. that have some hogs so this may give me a better start if I get the chance to hunt some!

Bacote Kid:
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Good thread Curtis. This should clear up and answer alot of hawg stuff...


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