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Osage Police Alert - Stave Attack By Amateaur

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John Dill:

You have to feed your family with that bow. James and I will be looking for the finished bow this weekend. Somebodys got to slay the hogs that are going on the grill at sissipahaw.

  :D    ;)

I'll bring another bow that'll get the job done, John. Heck, maybe I'll bring all my bows - Naw - Don wouldn't let me near his truck, if I did that -   :archer:  .

D. Johnston:
Did you hear the one about the snail that was mugged by a turtle? After it happened the snail was being questioned by the police, and he said I....I...I dont know it all happened so fast.  ;)

LOL - I don't care who you are - that there is funny!


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