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Cary and Tim bows buildalong

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And now the looooooongest part: Chasing a ring, here on tim's stave:


This is the part I like least, but is the most important for the future bow(imho)

B.O.D.: your wife is happy to see you head outside now... ;)

Carp-a-palooza III is coming up quick..have you got your gear ordered yet? :)


I shellacked the stave when I was done for the day  chasing the ring, marking where I stopped with a pencil line  ;)

Wood is still green which is excellent to steam bend

I will work always at the same stage on these bows  :)
Next turn is Cary's  ;)

It will take time but all progress will be shown here

Hi BD,

Yes my wife is relieved to see me working outside, especially with 2 bows in the making!

I am aiming for a Torge's style bow by the book   :readit:   for you my friend, and a reflex deflex like mine  for Tim   :)  

Could you imagine if hunting together we killed deers with selbows you and me?    :thumbsup:

tim roberts:
Dang, Cary let someone else in this! :bigsmyl:

Frenchy, it is looking good!  Waiting for hunting season makes the summer longer than it ought to be, but now waiting for a bow and hunting season, well I can feel the long dog days of August being streched out and it is only June!  I have set a goal to get a slick top whitetail with this bow come November!  
Thank you for the opportunity to watch the build a long!



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