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well...some of you know that I am going to attempt a native replica bow this summer (no time like the present to start I guess) so I have roughed it   out here.  this little bow was originaly designed to be a pony bow replica and based on a bow out of one of Jim Hamm's books (Bows and Arrows of the Native Americans) here is a link if you are interested...

dims...48" ash, buffalo sinew backed, it will be snake backed...and since it is going to a humid climate, I am thinking of doing a non-traditional epoxy finish for moisture resistance. The grip will be either buckskin or rawhide depending on what it asks for...probably fur accents on the handle...might be on the tips too, arent sure about that one yet. The book asks for a sort of reflex/deflex type profile. I will bend that in with heat/grease. My intentions at first were to make the replica at 45 pounds or so, But to get hunting weight might mean I need a little longer bow, we will see. I think if it needs to kill a deer it might should be 55#. probably at this length it will only draw 24" and be a 15 yard or less weapon (I am guessing...have heard these are brutes on accuracy at this length) I have made arraingements for 3 as close as possible matched stone points to to be knapped to dress up 3 river cane arrow shafts I will prepare. they will be footed and nocked, ya know...just to up the risk, no reward. I am hanging it all out there!! a couple of turkey wings are on the way from the recipient (who shall remain nameless at this to point so as to not curse my project!) to adorn the arrows. Major mojo.

I will say at this time, that I have no idea if this thing will work or not...never done it before. If it blows up, I will use the heartwood elm stave I have just begging for the opportunity. But that is plan "B" which I wont talk of again unless I need to!

whatever, it will probably take me a long time to finish...but I dont mind long build threads! as history will show.

here is the picture again...

I just want to show it again so if my bowyer career stalls, maybe I will have a go at becoming a "foot model"  

Really enjoyed your last bowbuilding thread, looking forward to this one.
Your Scottish Brother.

Calvin - I just finished a 54" working recurve of osage and elk sinew. It wasn't done as a pony bow style per se. It has a stiff handle area. It is very fast, and surprisingly accurate! After applying the sinew and drying it, I epoxied silk onto the sinew then sanded it smooth. I then epoxied a snakeskin onto it, and finished with 12 coats of spar. I live in florida, and this was all done for moisture control. 48" might be a bear to shoot, but I can horse this 54" back almost 27" time after time with no ill effects - like Rsuty says - "sinew is magic"! Good luck with the project, sounds like a winner. Also, couldn't get pics to load... Steve

No, no ,no!That won't work!.....Entirely tooooo straight!  :D  

10-4 on the model!  :bigsmyl:  (If your gonna model um,you might think about putting some color on them nails)? Strawberry red,or moss pink rosea?  ;)  

I'll be watching!  :thumbsup:

the Ferret:
Wow sweet piece of wood Calvin. Being ash, you'll definitly need sinew to keep it together at hunting weight/draw. BTW if'n you shoot em right 45# is plenty for deer Dianne and I can show you a stack of critters we've shot with that weight bow. My fav pony bow is a little osage ditty, self backed, elkhide handle wrapped in beaver fur top and bottom with a twisted string, no serving, no nock point of course. 52" ntn and less than an inch wide 42#@27" called "Countin' Coup". I killed a turkey with it 2 or 3 years ago using a cane arrow and trade point, and have drawn on I don't know how many deer and turkey with it (which is how it got it's name). I draw it 27" and it will stack arrows at 20 yards. I took it on a deer hunt to the UP of Michigan a couple years back and had everybody in camp shooting it.

My main deer hunting bow for this year will be "Big Bird", ostrich sinew backed osage 62" ntn 45#@27 and 1 1/8" wide. I'll be using cane arrows and flint heads this year as well.

last year it was "Blossom" another pony bow, self backed osage with copperhead skins 59" ntn and 46#@27 1 1/8" wide. Trade point tipped, selfnocked cedar arrows.

As you can tell hunting with these pony bows has become consumate fun and they give up nothing to their stiff handled brothers as a hunting bow.


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