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DIY bow quiver


Has anyone made their own bow quiver or have a design for one? I got a new bow and need one. I previously used a Bear Grizzly with a screw on type. Now I need a limb mount type and thought I might try making my own. Thanks all.

jack benson:
i bought some heavy guage wire at the hardware store and made a couple of copies of the Great Northern strap on quiver using inner tubes for straps. I stitched up some leather and placed it over hi density foam to hold the arrow tips. Bought rubber arrow holder from (i belive 3 Rivers)as they sell spare parts for the GNs.

Not as pretty, but worked ok. An interesting project nonetheless.


I made one but could not figure how to connect it to the bow.

The hood was an old plastic bear style that I covered with buckskin.

I cut a small piece of black walnut and attached the arrow grippers I found in the bottom of a drawer.  Wood screws through the back hold it right on.

I drilled a hole through the back of the black walnut and inserted a piece of a broken hickory ramrod.  I connected the hood with a cross stitch style sinew design.

Looked good.  Gave it away last week as I purchased a GN.

Hate it.  Darn thing makes more noise than two tin cans tied to the bow limbs.

Think I'm going back to the rawhide plains quiver I've been using for years.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have an unused Kwikee and might gut the quiver from my Grizzly to try and make a GN-style quiver. I have a bunch of buckskin I could use to cover a hood. I still have good grippers from both. I'll have experiment a little with how to attach it. A Great Plains style quiver is a good idea too, I might try making something like that. Thanks again.


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