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Prayers against deady Cancer

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Doc Nock:
A neighbor guy I liked, but was somewhat adrift before he moved away, crossed paths today.  Hes' only 40 and showed me a belly zipper where they found colon it and didn't have to do the bag...but they found it in a mass also on his liver...and "buckshot" scatterings nearby. They inserted a shunt (?) to administer the chemo soons as  he's strong enough from the surgery on the bowel cancer they got...

his name is Butch Yost.  Recently (18 months) divorced, two boys not in teens yet... and his ex-wife asked him to move home to help with his care..

God is good and from this, perhaps healing can occur...but this man needs our prayers for both physical/medical healing but also his own spiritual healing and Divine insights.

Thanks folks... my heart's heavy on this one.

Doc, it sounds like your friend has been through the mill. My dad had colon cancer and in the sixteen years since he passed it seems like they have come a long way in the success rate for it. He and yourself will be in my prayers.

In Jesus name we proclaim life for Butch, and by His stripes may Butch be healed! Thank you Jesus for your mercies are new every day!

Prayers sent Doc. Even the demon of cancer cannot withstand the will of God....

Doc Nock:
boy's only 42... whichi s older'n some like JC..but a pup to me!   :D  

Butch is a lost li'l puppy right now...he struggles with depression, self worth issues and beleiving God will be there for him...

Large part of my prayers is that this situation brings him closer... now that he's up the road a piece, I have to make it my biz to get there nuff to keep encouraging him... He's so focused on "results" in life..process success has eluded him me fears...

Prayers the Lord can use this situation to bring more healing than just his innards... Lord can..if Butch will but believe...


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