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I Need your Prayers Even More Now

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Curtiss Cardinal:
I have been under employed for over a year and now unemployed for most of March. I had two decent interviews and have applied for several dozen jobs. I would ask that you pray that I am offered the job that is inline with God's will just as soon as possible. I am trusting to his Mercy and not praying for a specific job. I want to surrender all to Him. Some say the religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel. In this it was my first thought so I hope I am not thought to be the scoundrel. Well I discovered that hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of my belongins were stolen from my storage unit. Most of it were things I could have put on eBay to help me over this hump and now I have a phone bill and my car insurance due. I don't know where to turn or what to do. Please ask God to pour me out a blessing even though I have been a poor steward and deserve nothing.Then again neither did I deserve the Grace shown us all at the Cross. Thanks and God's Blessings on you all.

Doc Nock:
I wish I had words of wisdom. Your prayers is much as mine has been ...for 18 months now. As I thought things were about to implode, along would come some part time work or contract work to do to keep the boat afloat.

Like you, I wish to use God's given skills on loan to me to His purpose...  I've had much in way of elderly parent responsibilities that have only recently started to ease up, but will tie me to the area.

This place and many private emails from the good souls on tradgang have meant much to me. I'm sure they will be there for you as you go through this.

Remember... today's average for being unemployed is about where I am now. Horrible thought... but it's where this world economy has brought us.

Blessing to you. Keep connected in community with as many support networks as possible.  I continually fight withdrawing into myself. God wants us "out there" taking our lumps and reaching out.

Sorry to ramble. Just hit a big nerve there, brother, as you can imagine.  There are many here in the same boat...and depending on age, career, region of the country...other ties we might have to hold us one place or another, it may take longer'n we like to reconnect with work.

Keep the Son in your eyes!

Stand firm bro, we have got your back covered in prayer!

Prayers on the way from Georgia.

In HIS service

Prayers for you Bro. from Texas


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