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Terry Green:
Thanks to Tom Mussatto for compressing this clip for easy download.

I'd also like to add that I center punched the shoulder MUCLE...not the shoulder bone.  The lungs were behind the shield where I hit and not bone.  This shows just how far forward you can shoot a hog and go straight to the vitals boneless....if you got enough bow or the right broadhead to get through the shield.

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Ray Hammond:
nice job, Terry!!! Great shooting, as usual.

dang thats nuts, what bw setup did u use to take it terry?

Great info. You always hear about the shoulder armor on hogs but until you see it, it is hard to understand just how thick they are.

Thanks Terry,
I didn't know that shield was that hard!  I guess I better step it up if I want to get through that on a big hog.


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