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COMPTON 2014 was Success!! Pics here and see you next year!

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Jack Hoyt 75:
First off a huge round of applause to Dave and the entire Board of Directors!! Wow lots of hard work and time spent to make it fun for all of us!!!   :notworthy:  

What could be more fun than setting up tables and tents, sitting in a booth all weekend, organizing events and contests all while barely getting to shoot yourself just so guys like me can come have some fun.    :clapper:    Again, Thank you!!

This was only my second Rendezvous and I will be back every year!  I really enjoy Compton and what the group stands for.  We all need to help spread the word and get more traditonal archers to join as members.  I have came out this year, good to see you, see you next year!  If you have never been to the event now is the time to put it on the calender for next June, you won't be disappointed.  

We need to support the shoot, organization and the vendors in order to grow and keep putting on great Rendezvous in future!    :archer2:  

Here is a few pictures I took and thought I would share in case you have not been and are thinking about it in future.





Jack Hoyt 75:
More Pics.






SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!! Thank you!   :archer:

Jack Hoyt 75:
A few more.






Bow man:
Great pictures and a great weekend

Great pictures! I wish there something like this closer to home. Thanks for sharing.


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