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Compton Rendezvous 2013.....


Roger Norris:
I went yesterday....had a great day, visited with old and dear friends, shot my Baraga A LOT, in general had a great time. I was sad to find Kustom King wasn't there, but I know why and they will be back.

I was a bit taken aback by how few vendors were in attendance though, and my un-scientific observation was that the crowd was about 1/2.....if gate receipts prove otherwise I apologize.

Does anyone have information as to the current membership numbers and how they are trending?

It's a great organization, one that was originated and organized with the absolute best intentions. I hope all is well.....

Hi Roger, While I was renewing my membership (3yr) at the redezvous (joined in 1999) I saw the list and I gotta say it looks pretty long. Earlier I asked TJ how many folks par took of the chili and he said about 1,500.

I think our club is alive and well.


yukon chuck:
Had a great time at the gathering, and got to talk with an awful lot of nice folks. I especially enjoyed some time I spent with Marv Cochran. What a nice gentleman and a guy who really cares about our organization and our sport. This is a great group of folks who are helping to see to it that the sport that we love stays alive and well.

Dave Lay:
I know travel expenses have to be affecting events, i havent been able to attend one yet.....  and Yes Marv is a great guy


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