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Watch your mailbox


Ron LaClair:
Since we were ran late on the last news letter due to changing printers, the next issue is coming your way.  :thumbsup:  

I just got mine and it looks great. There's a story of Larry and TJ's moose hunt in Northern British Columbia and the huge bull that Larry got. I'm sure after you read it you'll want to buy your raffel tickets for the hunt donated by Teslin River Outdoor Adventures for 2004.

That sounds great. I joined a few months ago but haven't yet seen a copy of the newsletter. I look forward to receiving it.

ron bergeron:
ron,  sounds great.  I love that vest I bought at the longbow shoot.  I wear it everywhere.  ron

Still watching my mailbox. No newsletter, yet!

Received it today and already have it read. Now all I have to do is wait for the next one.


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