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Finishing up new arrows-Heading to Michigan.


P.J. Petiniot:
Things are kind of slow on this site lately. I figured I would try to get everybody talking again.

I am working on my footed arrows for my new longbow. I will be using both my new arrows and my new longbow in Michigan opening weekend.


Ron LaClair:
PJ, where in Michigan are you hunting?

P.J. Petiniot:

I have a good hunting buddy that lives in Eaton county. We trade off every year. It's my turn to head back north. actually, he is coming down to hunt with me the following weekend.

I haven't been back up the the U.P. in a few years. I am getting the urge to head back up there and walk in the big woods and do a little fly fishing.


Steve O:

I sent my money off to Robin, how was the elk hunt?


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