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Compton was a blast

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John Havard:
My hat is off to everyone associated with the Compton Rendezvous.  It was very well done, the vendors were great, I spent a bit 'o cash, shot a bunch of really neat thread-the-needle 3D targets, enjoyed the weather, ate too many brats, and generally had a great time.  It was good to see many old buddies there and to also meet some new ones.  Thanks again to all involved.


It certainly was a well planned and executed event. The weather was great too!!!! I sure enjoyed shooting that gawdy bow you were packing around as well as Bob Morrison's and Jim Reynold's bows.

Ron Goodrum

Wife and I just got back. What a wonderful weekend! The weather was great! Food outstanding, I saw quite a few big boys take advantage of that all you can eat breakfast. LOL LOL. The speakers were all very good. I really enjoyed the guy who spoke about the wolves, but I don't agree with the trapping part. What an abundance of vendors. Picked up some leather goods (arm guard, glove and quiver) for the little lady, and she got me some footed shafts ( forgot the guy's name but he was very reasonable), one of Asbell's books, nock sets, etc... etc...  Saw some old friends, Kevin Bishop, Jim Reynolds (that new MOAB is a real smoker), Gary Davis, Bernie, and made some new. It was really a great event. Planning to go again next year.

Jason R. Wesbrock:
It was an absolutely outstanding time. The weather was great and camping was excellent.

I managed to locate "Camp Norris" saturday morning and was treated to breakfast by Roger and his family and friends. Lord help me, I might have gained a half a pound or two, but quickly burned it off being chased by mosquitos. As a side note, Roger ain't no slouch with that little Shrew of his.

Thanks again Roger. Your "group" are all top-motch folks, and your buddy's knives are works of art.

My friend Franks' creation of "beans & ash" was only good enough to entitle him to help eat all the other contestant's food...which was his sole reason for cooking it in the first place.    

Above all, there were an abundance of children and events for them to participate in. IMO, this was the best part of the entire weekend. With gatherings like this, I know bowhunters can expect a bright future.

In short: Well done CTB!!!

My family and me had a great time!I didn't meet anybody from here that I recognized the names of but probably most of you that were camping walked by our site getting out of the campground,we took the yellow caution tape off the fence post and tied it to our tent to make a pathway where you didn't have to duck under the tape. Great shoot,great weather,great people!Thanks to everybody who had a part in putting in on.Already looking forward to next year!


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