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Just joined CTB...


...and I hope to see other members take advantage of the opportunity they have to communicate through this website. Since I haven't seen a copy of the newsletter yet I'm a little curious to learn more about this organization. For instance, how was the CTB Rendevous last summer? How many people were there? What went on? I'd appreciate it if you would update this new member.

Many thanks.

Ron LaClair:
Welcome aboard Rich.  :smileystooges: --  :D  ,   that have some very good ideas on how to promote Traditional Bowhunting.

I hope to see you at next years gathering, if you can make it be prepared to have more fun than you can stand  :wavey:

Roger Norris:
Welcome Rich - Annual athering is great, we have turned it into a 4 day family vacation. Hope to see you there next summer!

Terry Green:
I'll move the thread from the PowWow to here, so you can read it.

Thanks again for moving the thread. Really enjoyed reading it!


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