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Is anybody going out of state hunting this year?

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P.J. Petiniot:
I was just curious if any Compton guys are coming to Indiana hunting this fall. I will probably spend a few weekends in Michigan as usual this year. But no place any more exotic than that.

Kevin Bahr:
PJ, I leave here for Alaska on Aug. 29th.  I'm going to head up to Wisconsin sometime in November.  And if you want to include next March, Texas for pigs/javies in conjunction with the PBS banquet in San Antone.  Are you hunting with Bob again this year in Michigan?  Kevin:D

hi guys, im going to do the hawg/javie "pre pbs banquet" also as well as heading to colorado this year in sept for elk. i cant wait....groundhawg

P.J. Petiniot:

I am going up to Bob's for opening weekend. I have him talked in to coming down to the Rendezvous as well.

Who are you hunting Pig's and Javi's with? I haven't decided if I'm going to hunt while in Texas or not. I thought about flying there with the entire family. Thinking about a long weekend to save some vacation time. I already have reservations at the hotel. A lot of this depends on how the baby making is going.

The banquet should be a good one. I have already started on the flyrod I'm building for the PBS.


Bret Cagle:
  It's good to see some members using this forum.  I am going to stay here and chase whitetails, or my tail, sometimes I don't know which way is up.  Saving up for Alaska again in 04.  Kevin, it was good to see you at Pekin.  Chase seems to be doing well and in good spirits.  Good luck on your hunts.  Later, Bret


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