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Hope that many of you will stop by here.  Lets discuss history of archery/bowhunting by means of our equipment.When was a broadhead made? By who? Arrows? Bows?  Lets not get into which BHD is better, but possibly which was really stupid?
Magazines, and catalogs are also collectable and a great source of information from the past.
Traditional means the past, collectable means the past, so lets go there and see how we got to archery today.
I don't have all the answers, however I'm sure that any topic brought up here can get answered!

 I collect mostly Bear Arch items. Mostly 1963 stuff. I have put togather a entire box of razorheads from this period. the box, tray , instuctions, bleeder blades and tools. Took a couple of years to find the pieces. I like to try and date bear bows that can be a challenge. I have all the 1963 bow models but the type 1 kmag.

I started to collect broadheads unintentionally. I was teaching bowhunter ed in 1981 when I realized I had about 50 diferent broadheads stached here & there. I put them in a small display case to use in classes. Students then statred to bring me more heads. I 1984 I heard about the American Broadhead Collectors Club and joined. The club had started in 1974 so I was already ten yrs behind. I now have about 1200 broadheads, homemade BHDs, fish points, blunts, field points. I have a few collectable bows and would like more but they tend to be pricy. Now some BHDs are going in that high dollar area also.
Here's a picture of a broadhead I had made for the ABCC commemorative in 1999. This is a tie-on type head. The shaft went up the middle and was tied on through the antler tips. There were only 33 of these heads made and they were handed out to the members who attended the annual meeting.

I would assume that you used the 1960 version of the Bear Razorhead?

Carolina Bob:
While it is nice to savor the past I sometimes wonder if Papa Bear is rolling in his grave at 1) the price some will pay for some of his old bows and then hang them on the wall. 2) Having seen most of the Bear videos and read all of the books I am pretty sure that Fred Bear treated all of his bows as tools for hunting. I have seen him throw them down, use as wading staffs, and walking sticks, yet some think that they should be hung on the wall and have incense burnt for them. Not! Hopefully they will be shot and used for their purpose hunting. Just my two cents.


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