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Tapering wood shafts

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Lots a people going back to woodies these days some like or want to try tapered shafts for whatever reason. I like shooting tapered shafts myself, makes more of a difference if you are starting with a 23/64ths shaft.

And for those that are trying to justify a belt/disc sander for tapering their nocks and is another excuse.

This is just a piece of 1/4" luan with a small hole in it for the point to rest in, clamped to the fence.


I use a 2018(5/16)to set the height of the hole.


Once that is set, you may want to put a pecil mark on the shaft to indicate where the taper will stop. My little sander has a short bed so I can only get a 9.5" taper, which plenty. When I see "fresh" wood appearing at the end of the bed I know thats it.

So with that, fire up the sander and put the nock point in the hole and start spining the shaft and slowly work it down in to the sanding belt. When you reach your mark or sander limits, your got a rear tapered shaft.


The same will work on the front of the arrow for a barrel taper, just set up with something 11/32..22XX shaft or field point

Have fun  :)  


Mike Vines:
Looks amazingly simple.  Kind of how I reduce the stock on my footed shafts.  Only I use a center pin and a disc sander.  I'm going to give this a try.

Mike, very simple and works like a champ.

Wish it ws my idea but its not, our own Bill Carlson got me goin on this a couple years ago.

Very slick.   :thumbsup:

Man I like that way of doing a taper, I'm going to have to try that.....Thanks for the tip.


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