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How To build some pretty cool looking arrows. Motor City Machete style

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Mike Vines:
With gun season approaching, and Daylight savings time upon us I thought I would get to tinkering with some arrows.  Just some basic no frills shafts, but it's still fun to make them.  Haven't figured out the fletchings yet, but I'm sure it won't be anything fancy.        :bigsmyl:    

I am going to do a complete "How-To" on the next dozen I will be doing the crown on starting this evening, so please bear with me,  like to let stuff dry between steps.

nice start Mike, I love watching you work :)
Take lots of pictures!

Good to see you back Mike.  Nice start you got going on there.

Mike Vines:
This next set I'm going to do colors that will be easy to see in the How To. Thinking White and Red crown on an Ebony stained shaft.

Todd Greenwald:
Very Nice!!!


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