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European Mount HOW-TO!!!

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Mike Vines:
I told myself last year that the next deer I get, I was going to teach myself how to do a European Mount on the shull.  Little did I know it would be on my biggest deer to date.

I'm back at work right now (on my lunch 1/2 hour), and contaced Tradgang's Webmaster, Rob, and he said it would be fine to do a Euro Mount How-to on here.

Below is a picture of my completed mount (NOT screwed to the plaque yet, and I'll explain why later).  I shot the deer Thursday in Wyoming, got home Saturday, started the process at Noon on Sunday then took this picture at 5:30 right before we ate dinner Sunday evening.

So, who is interested in saving around $100 and doing it yourself???  I'll put it all together on this thread this evening once I get home and get daily life taken care of first.


That would be much appreciated Mike


i would for sure!

Looking forward to it and thank you for the effort!

Count me in!


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