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Is this a Tim Meigs early recurve?


  Ok this past weekend I bought some raffle tickets for our annual Maryland Trad. banquet and someone had donated two bows on the bow raffle table and I have a real passion for bows made in the late 1950s and 60s so I bought several $10.00 raffle tickets and boy am I so happy I did.
  I won three bows with the three tickets I bought and gave a survivor one to my buddy Bruce cause it was his Birthday.
  So one of the bows is no doubt a Kings Clan Gordon and it has some pretty laminations in the riser and those tiny green tips that caught my eye.
  That one I can identify but this other I had to do some digging around and I asked one expert we all know (droptine 59) but he thought it was another Gordon plastics and I’m not saying it isn’t cause I truly don’t quite know yet so I’ll let some here see what I have and what I came up with.
  I found a Tim Meigs that is on the auction block and it has the serial number in the same spot as mine on the lower fade out on the sight window side.
  Then there is a very similar heel shape as mine with a rounded face limb where the glass stops and the tips look very much the same.
  See what you all think and please let me know what I have .
  The finish is really cracking and I’m considering a total cleaning up and refinish to bring out the dark walnut and the curly maple I believe it has . I did string it up and got a 71/4” brace and checked the weight and it’s showing around 43/44# it measured 65 3/4” from measuring back of bow filed loop tip to filed loop tip .
  Here’s some pictures and I can take more if need be to show it strung up.
  Thanks in advance folks.

The tips are similar to my dad’s bow. But mine has woven glass on the back.

The materials and workmanship  is consistent with Tim Meigs early recurves  and he definitely had  a thing for 6's in his serial numbers. I've never seen a Meigs bow that didn't have at least one 6 in the serial number.


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