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Can you identify the maker of this "Nighthawk?"



I have had this takedown bow for about 15 years. I traded a wolf pelt for it, and I can't remember the maker. I'd like to get some lighter limbs made up for it and I'm hoping someone here knows the bowyer.

This is a takedown recurve bow.
Named "Nighthawk"  (this is not a PSE takedown)
67# at 28''
one pin and one bolt per limb.

I understand if no one knows, I am cleaning out my folks' house and have spent a fair bit of time googling and calling bowyers. From what I remember, the bowyer could be out of the Northwest.

Thank you.

Cascade Archery of Washington, Steve Gorr is the owner. That is a 56” Nighthawk takedown. Great bow.

Thank you, Kelly.

If you will have no use for the 60#+ limbs, you might want to consider having the bowyer just trim down the weight.  This would probably be a lot cheaper than have another set of limbs made.  Not may guys can handle the high weight for a lot of practice shooting.  However if you have rwo sets of limbs you may eventualy build up to the higher weights.  Just my thoughts.


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