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Jefferry archery bow


Just picked up a Jeremy Archery recurve it is 62” and 42 # at 28. Black glass limbs. Marked Special by Jeffery archery . Really good shooting bow. Me being from SC always liked them anyway since they were made in SC. Jeffery archery along with Bear got me interested in recurves at a young age. My uncle always had South Carolina Wildlife magazines lying around and Jeffery Archery always had adds in the magazine for me to drool over.
 Around 1993 I dislocated a shoulder and a friend had a Light weight Jeffery bow that I borrowed to get back to shooting, I really liked that bow, shot it well. I did purchase a used Jeffery Royal quite a few years ago and for some reason we just didn’t get along, so I sold it. When I saw this one in a pawn shop I had to have it, if nothing else just for the memories. But this one is a great shooting bow.
Anyway, does anyone have any info on the Special?
Thanks in advance.

I think they made a 60" "Classic" and 62" Special", in addition to some shorter one-piece recurves.


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