Cohutta Wilderness Bear Hunt - 3

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Terry Green:
With me.... more later.

This hunt would also include hogs and deer.

This September when the season opens. Friday afternoon through Sunday. 1st or 2nd weekend of the season.

Terry Green:
This is a spot and stalk and evening set up hunt. No bait.  It will take place in the Cohutta Wilderness in N GA. We will either camp or get a room in Chatsworth GA.  We might also hunt the Blue Ridge Management area as well.

We will be walking most of the day, then set up about 4-5 in the afternoon on a hot spot or know travel routes.

Cohutta is very rugged, but I have some places I hunt that is not real steep, so it's not going to be real strenuous unless we shoot a bear.

I said Friday afternoon, but if you get here on Thursday we'll hunt all day Friday.

Here's a little story that took place in Cohutta a few years ago.

This is an awesome hunt guys and girls.  If the wind isn't blowing hard, you can hear the bears shaking the limbs getting acorns before you actually see them. And what will really get your adrenaline jumping, is to have one spot you while they are up said tree.  Cohutta is a true wilderness area, and you will be hunting with some one that knows how to hunt it!

smokin joe:
Let's get this started with $250



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