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Russian Boars?


Russian Boars are bad ass. Feral hogs are mean.
I'm thinking of going to Texas as an exterminator/stick bow at night where it's legal to be a pig sticker.

Buffalo and OX are big. Or the Bears? Do you call them or bait? How close is close?
I want penetration, say at 30 yards and in?

Polar bear with Fred Bear on YouTube is a good one. Wasn't it a 3 month hunt?
When I grow up I will get to go hunts like that. I'm 53 now.

Seriously, I think south Africa would be the best bang or twang for the buck.
I guess I'm just asking where to go. Any pointers? I know a guy in Thunder Bay for Wolfs and Black bear.

Moose tags are hard to get. Elk are about $5009.00 a hunt if your lucky.

I'm thinking BIG FOOT, or ChoopaKobra, any one get one yet?
Thanks for having fun with me. It would be better around a camp fire. :thumbsup:


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