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Who's chasing black bears this Spring and where?

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The Savage Rabbit:
After last year's first annual spot and stalk trad bow bear hunt with Primitive Outfitting, I knew I was hooked.  I booked with them again for May 31-June 7 in British Columbia.  I'll bring both of my Cari-bows but plan to hunt with my 62" Peregrine at 50@28.  I draw to about 27".  Solo trip for me this year.

Who else is hunting black bear this Spring, where, with what, and with whom?

The Savage Rabbit:
Anyone else have hunts planned for Canada coming up?  Hearing anything about the border reopening? I'm maintaining hope that the border will be open by May 31. 

Not Canada, but in SE Alaska chasing blackies with the recurve. Got one with the rifle last year now I need to do it with a stickbow... A buddy and I been chasing the same bruin for 3 years now...

The Savage Rabbit:
Well, I just received an email from WestJet that says my May 31 flight from LAX to Vancouver has been cancelled and there are no alternative flights.  But the rest of my flights in Canada and back from Vancouver to LA remain.   :banghead:  This is the moment in which I officially just lost my patience with COVID-19.  I could handle all of this crap as long as I had my spring bear hunt on the horizon. 

They actually tried to shut down spring bear hunting in all of Alaska. Just when folks were taking a lighter to their torches and sharpening their pitchforks, the ADF&G rescinded the order.

Come pandemic or civil war, you don't touch hunting & fishing in Alaska.


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