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The "Moose Antler buck" & the good, bad & then the ugly..."

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Well I haven't posted yet but what a learning experience I got this past weekend after 40 + years of bow hunting.
     On Saturday morning I was in my Huntmore 360 seat that 7 years ago a P.M. to Mike Mitten convinced me to get one on my birthday and I have had so much fun in this chair since He told me about how it kept his Dad comfortable so I asked the Mrs. for one and she got me one.
 Thank you Mike for that P.M. back then.
     Now to my story on Saturday starting with excitement being the good,then not having much confidence on my arrow placement to what took place later.

     Please forgive me on my story cause I am not the best but need to tell it for closer on this hunt.
     I was sitting in a blow down with a big enough root ball to cover my left side and near a deer trail that was less then 12 yards away or so.
 I shoot sitting down and always face on a slight angle to what I think will be my shot side and give myself some room to turn in my Huntmore chair for a shot if one presented itself.
 Well one did on Sat. morning at 10:30 a.m and I need help trying to make my story readable by others cause I don't know how to do a paragraph type reading so before I really start this story and before my good friend 1/4 Away steps in can someone tell me what to do here? Please?

Red Beastmaster:
Hit your Return or Enter key twice to create a paragraph break.

Don't worry about perfection in WHERE to make the paragraph, just make the spaces so you have only maybe 5-7 lines of test at a time.  It just makes it easier to read.  Thank you for caring.

On with the story... my coffee is getting cold !

O.k everyone I have sent texts to a few friends and trying not to upset anyone in my grammar but I am missing a few nuts and bolts from not listening to the teachers in school and I got through on a thin thread and regret it so tell your kids to "Pay attention" or they will end up like me lol...

Heck I may just have to keep making short threads like this so everyone can read it and make it super long and make you all wait to Thanks Giving day or Christmas lol.    :rolleyes:      :campfire:    
 If you drink coffee go get a pot on and start sipping!    :coffee:      :coffee:      :coffee:


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