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South African Spiral Horn Slam with a primitive bow

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Mike Yancey:

Got a couple more to go!

Starting to look forward to my next trip to Sofala in South Africa the last of July and first of August and Louis and I are working on completing my spiral horn slam with a primitive bow. Louis has booked me a hunt at another concession that is loaded with Bushbuck to help me get this done. I will be there two weeks this year with two different great groups of guys each week.
I have a new Osage selfbow that I made this year in Maine at my bear hunt and bow building workshop. This selfbow will spit a 1000 grain hickory arrow the way that I like it, fast and quite! The bow is 60 lbs @ 26'' and ready to work. Sealed with my Natural Bow Sealer and no sinew backing just dyed with dye to make it look the way I like.

Beautiful Mike!  Wow those are some heavy arrows.  What broadhead are you using on them.  Looks like maybe a single bevel.  Need to take my wife on a sight seeing vacation next, then we also want to return to Namibia before I get to old to pull my bow. ha
Good luck my friend!

Mike Yancey:
They are the single bevel Grizzly's.

They look like good broadheads.  I used the Rocky Mountain Cuttroat single bevel 200 gr.  I was sure satisfied with them.  The first time I had used a single bevel head.

The only thing I lack to complete the slam is an eland!!!! Hope I can get back over there to get that done. Eland tenderloin is probably the best tasting meat on the planet earth!!!!!


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