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Rob DiStefano:

you NEED to be using tapatalk!

Rob DiStefano:

if you're sure you are a contributing member, either from last year or from right now, and you can't see the classifieds boards, but you do see THIS with no classifieds boards showing, CLICK ON the category title "Contributing Member Classifieds" and see the boards!

Rob DiStefano:

There really is no limit on file size currently.

However if you have a huge image file and it takes forever to upload, you will get a error eventually.
Such as using wifi or other slow connections.

Also even though there are no restrictions on size they do take more space on this site.

Even though the forum will re-size the displayed image size to 640PX width.
It does not alter the uploaded file size.
It still will take longer to display on the huge images. And slow down .

So to answer your question.
Size will depend on your connection speed.
That is just the nature of the beast(Internet)

You may want to install tapatalk on your phone also.
For all your posting .

technically, there is no maximum image size that's been set for trad gang's forum software.  be aware that really large camera and cellphone images will almost always time out because the traffic on our server is so severe almost 24x7 and bandwith for image/file uploads will always take a back seat to topics and postings.  really large images are great for making into hard copies but are almost useless for computers. if you have a huge image file and it takes forever to upload, you will eventually get an, such as using wifi or other slow connections. it still will take longer to display on the huge images .... and slow down.  this has nothing to do with the trad gang server - it has WAY more horsepower than we need.  it's about internet connections.

"smaller" images are guaranteed to upload fast - as long as there are no network issues in the route from your computer to the trad gang server .... it's the internet, and stuff sometimes just happens! 

what is a "smaller" image?  2000 or less pixels in width x length.  the truth is, even those images are WAAAAY too large to be properly viewed on a typical computer screen, let alone a phone or tablet.  there is no need for that, it's a waste of everything. 

so it will help to resize really large images.  for my personal use, i size to 1024 wide at the max, but most are 800 wide down to 640 wide at the minimum. 

hope this somewhat helps.  :wavey:

Rob DiStefano:
"Hey! What happened to my post count? I'm missing posts!!!!"

Post counts will typically be less in this new forum because the old forum posts we deleted over the years (called: forum pruning, to make space) never readjusted the totals by the old forum software system.  It just kept adding new posts to the existing post count (which was incorrect because prior deleted posts were not decremented from that count), which technically was a forum software bug.  When the conversion happened, it recounted everyone's post count on posts that still exist.

I know we don't like to see our past post activity diminish, but truthfully there is no special value or function to post count totals.

Rob DiStefano:
To see if the recipient of your PM has opened it up, go to your sent messages and look at the message in question - if the recipient's name is in bold, it was not viewed, and vice-versa.

in the following example, member "starshooter" has not yet read the PM message i sent to him, but member "Tony Van Dort" has read a message sent to him.


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