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Another Doe Tag Filled!


The title says it all! Went out this evening after the rain quit. Had a bunch of does coming into a stand, as well as two good bucks but I am out of buck tags so it was strictly does for me.

About 445, this young doe made her way in and after some time I finally got a good shot opportunity. I made the most of it, and with the perfect double lung hit she barely made it 50 yards.  All of this was on film as Ethan and I are filming a little bit for an upcoming DVD. The two camera angles turned out great!

My buddy Tkm Antione (The Night Stalker) brought his pup Ximo along on the short trail, and he did an excellent job. Hooves and blood were taken for more training, and of course the tender meat is going to be awesome as always.

Great evening in a tree! Two more doe tags to fill before a pig trip in two weeks, challenge accepted.

Equipment notes: #40 Omega Imperial (42@my 29"), GT Nugent 500s, Tusker Concordes up front.



Way to go, Dalton!



Congrats Dalton!

Good job, like the dog.

Congrats sir...



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