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is the Trad Gang website/forum INSECURE OR SECURE??

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Rob DiStefano:
why in the world firefox thought it prudent to put up that scary message about "insecure" and then add in the the little key images is beyond my comprehension ... other than perhaps it gives them (1) something to do, and (2) offer "new and improved functionality" that none of us need, and (3) are prepping all of us to BUY some third party product to "help" us with our computer security.

or, oh yes - this must be it ... to "protect" their butts from litigation.

basically, what they're saying with that login message is that the domain/server you are attempting to access is "insecure". it means that the URL address of that domain begins with "http" and not "https" - the "s" is for a secure server. if it's your website/domain/server, you pay more for the use of a secure server, which may not be as "secure" as you would expect.

our trad gang server is not "secure". our web address is "".  we have nothing to be "secure" about, nor are we looking to hack users machines. but firefox wants you, the trad gang forum user, to be aware that we (the trad gang forum) is .... "insecure". big woo.

here's the deal. all wifi (WAN) computers are at some form of invasion/hacking risk. if you plug directly into your cable router box (LAN) the risk diminishes greatly. in the long run, it all depends on how much of your personal/financial info you store on your machine - and those that store any sensitive data that's not encrypted are at the greatest risk (actually, that's just foolish, don't do that!).

and it depends on how much sensitive data you want to send out across the internet. sites that sell stuff and take your CREDIT CARD data should be trusted and secure. freely giving out credit card info puts you, the buyer, at risk. but this is a plastic society that now depends on credit card use for the very most part. you do take a risk/gamble any time you use a credit card online - or hand it over to that teenager at the super market ... think about that, too. it's a fraud/scammer/hacker jungle out there! i have at least one credit card compromised in a six month period. last year i had 3 cards compromised. the credit card companies spend a fortune on this and yet they still make far more than a fortune in revenues.

i have 6 machines. 4 run the best computer operating system money can buy (but you can't buy it 'cause it's FREE), linux mint. 1 runs a dual boot of win7 and win10, 1 is a chromebook on win10. firefox has been the best browser for me, and my machines use firefox as their default browser (though i can select and load other brand browsers with all machines).



HOWEVER, there is a way to disable that annoying firefox "insecure" message and make your Firefox browsing life lots less annoying.

Open a new tab, paste about:config into the address bar and hit enter.

If you see the “This Might Void Your Warranty” page, click the blue “I accept the risk!” button. Understand we are manually modifying Firefox’s default settings.

In the Search box at the top, paste insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled

Double click the setting to change it to “false”, to disable Firefox’s insecure password warning.

Done! Now when you visit pages with HTTP login forms, the warning will no longer appear.


This part is totally Optional ---- IF you also want to restore autofill functionality, so that your saved login/password automatically populates in an HTTP form, keep the configuration page open and follow the next step.

In the Search Box on the about:config page, paste signon.autofillForms.http

Double click the setting to change it to “true,” this will enable autofill.

Thank you Rob!

Terry Green:
:knothead:     :knothead:    :knothead:    :banghead:

THANK YOU!  I've been wondering how I could get rid of that stupid message every time I tried to log in anywhere!  


Ray Lyon:


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