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Log in issues with at&t wireless?


For those of you who may be having trouble accessing tradgang on their at&t wireless phone, this may be a solution.  I have a Nokia Lumina windows phone through at&t.  I could log into the website and browse but couldn't do any activity such as make posts or check my profile. I was using Bing as my default browser, now I have switched to google.  I also cleared my history, cache, cookies,and passwords.  So far I have been able to return to normal activities.  If you are having trouble I hope this helps.

      This is a great site, can't imagine not being able to enjoy it.  Thanks

dan d:
Doing a test post as I have not been able to in months !

Edit: wow !  I can post again !  I didn't really think the above test post would work but it did  :)


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