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Anybody have any Dan Quillian photos?

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Don Stokes:
When Dan told me the story, he said she looked so big it was like shooting a bus. She "woofed" when the arrow hit and whipped her head around, and Dan froze in place. She didn't see him, and walked on across the river and into the woods. He wisely didn't go in after her until the next morning, where he found her dead in no more than 100 yards.

Only Dan would have hunted grizzly bears with such a wound in his foot! It was not the only close encounter he had on the trip, and he could only hobble around. The man was amazing. The world is a smaller place since he passed on.

Barley, thanks for asking.

Here's my Dan Quillian tree stand from the 60s.  I spent many a day in it but you couldn't pay me enough to get in it now.  Measured 17.5" x 13'5".  Shot many a deer out of it.

Brian Krebs:
oh- that's just plain scary.

the force:
Looks like it makes a good seat now    :biglaugh:

joe skipp:
I know Dan took that Grizzly after his heart attack. Can't remember the poundage he was shooting. In one of my conversations with Dan, after the attack, he was struggling with 30# bows...
A true ambassador to the sport of Archery and Georgia.


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