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Anybody have any Dan Quillian photos?

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Yup Don that's it.  It is sitting at archery traditions in Athens, GA.  Next time I get over there I'll try and get a pic.

Here's a few I scanned from Dan's pricelist from 1990-91-92.Not the greatest images.      

Years ago, I think it was the IBO World Championships in Alabama, I walked by a man that said he wanted me to shoot his recurve. He told me that if I shot the bow I would want it.  It was one of the quietest, smoothest shooting bows I ever held.  Unfortunately I could not afford the bow at the time.  I took a brochure from the man, who was Dan Quillian, and never did place an order. I still have his brochure.  One of the regrets in life.

Great Pics , I have 4 of Dan's bows and had a few more I wish I never traded .That's right Don , I talked with Dan after his Grizzly hunt and he said the bow he used was 69# . One of my favorites is a Patriot takedown . I have always said his bows are highly underated .

Dan was a great guy,and when he told you something it was not just his opinion it was something he had tested really miss not seeing him.He was a big guy,but he never had a big head.


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