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Lakota quiver build-a-long! COMPLETE!

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Nice start Dennis, here's a chart thats helpful when ordering leather.

Thanks for takeing the time for this buildalong, I know they are alot of work.

Now that we have our fur cut out we need to mark our leather again to position it. On the left side of our quiver body (for a right handed quiver) measure in 4 inches at the top and 4 inches at the blue line we made earlier. Use your square and mark a line connecting the marks top to bottom. I did this line in red.

Dano, Thats a great link thanks! So it appears this is around the 3 1/2 oz range.

Now that we have our line laid out it is time to apply some contact cement in the rectangle created by the red line we just made. I use the loctite brand contact cement it's available at most craft stores. First apply a goad coat of contact cement in our rectangle. and let it set for about 5 minutes.

After the contact cement has set for around five minutes apply the fur in the rectangle. There will be 4 inches on the leather and 3 inches hanging off the side. The fur should run towards the quiver! Be careful doing this as this contact cement is almost an instant bond (similar to super glue). So make sure it goes on nice and even becuase your only getting one shot at this. Run your hand over it a few times with a little pressure to insure theres good contact everywhere. Then I like to run a light bead of duco around the inside edge. It doesn't take much. Let this sit and dry for 20-30 minutes.


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