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Osage Police Alert - Stave Attack By Amateaur

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Bernie, all i can say is carry on, if at first you don't succed try try again, and i hope to be doing that next spring!!! keep me posted. Looks good so far!!    :thumbsup:

the Ferret:
Good start Bern. I have no doubt that you'll enjoy this trip and be satisfied with where it takes you. Carry on ............

Pat B:
Cool Bernie. I've been waiting for this. I knew you couldn't hold out too long. By the way, you shouldn't have any trouble chasing one of those rings. I know you will end up with a fine bow!
 Enjoy the process!    Pat

Thanks for the kind comments and the very welcome encouragement, friends. I am really looking forward to it. When Mike and I finished today we went outside his shop to fling a few arras before calling it a day. I was shooting one of his Osage bows that he says probably is close to what I should come out with. It was a good shooter and fun to shoot as well.

:bigsmyl:     :thumbsup:


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