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Bowhunting partners for 50yr's

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Ron LaClair:
Just thought you folks would like to know.
My wife Nancy and I will celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on February 28th 2009. More than that we have been bow hunting together for that long also. We actually bow hunted together for the first time in the fall of 1958 and haven't missed a fall hunt together since that time.

I started bow hunting for deer in 1955 and as a single man looking for a soul mate, I found  that most girls weren't interested in the outdoors let alone shooting bows and arrows.

Nancy was raised on a farm and her dad and granddad were avid outdoorsmen. Her 1st cousin who lived just down the road was Jack White, 1953 NFAA National Instinctive Champion. Although Nancy had not shot bows She had attended many archery tournaments that her Cousin Jack had participated in.

 Nancy and I first met in early 1958. Right off the bat we discovered that we liked a lot of the same things. When  I started telling her of my love for archery and bowhunting She was very interested. One thing led to another and we just "clicked" Our first date was to see the movie "Old Yeller" and on our 2nd date we went ice fishing.

That first summer before we were married I bought Nancy a 39# "simi" recurve bow. I set up a target  in her garage where she lived in an apartment with two other girls and started teaching her how to shoot. By early fall she was ready to start her bow hunting career and we went on our first bow hunt together in northern Michigan

Neither of us have ever owned or shot compounds. Our love for the bow has spanned a half century and shows no signs of waning. Nancy's talking about turkey hunting again this spring with her longbow.

Like the bow is to the arrow, we are separate, yet we are one.

Nancy and I in northern Michigan in 1959


A like pose in 1999. Nancys got her face blackened. I'm the one that needed the black... on my beard.     :D    


Congrats and here's to 50 more    :thumbsup:

Cody Roiter:
Great post Ron.. I wish u and Nancy my best....


Congrats to the both of you Ron!    :thumbsup:    :clapper:

Broken Arrow 1:
Thats good stuff Ron Congrats.


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