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Logger Buck

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I caught one!  This guy was chasing a doe in a hay pasture grunting and was a bit love struck to say the least!  The doe was playing hard to get so he walked in front of me at 23 yrds and put his head down behind a scrub oak bush and turned broadside.  I could hear the loggers on the other side of the property fire up the chainsaws right before he recieved the arrow from above.  21st Century Edge longbow, Gold Tip, 175gr. "Big Five" broadhead, My best Buck!  Taken on October 25th, 2003.  Traded my compound bow to the local taxidermist.

Longbows & Short Shots
Jeff Schulz


That's a classic Texas rack for sure!

Very nice deer Jeff!  :thumbsup:


Doug Campbell:
That's a beauty!!   :thumbsup:   Congratulations.


Nice one!!  :thumbsup:

Great job! Thats a dandy East Texas buck. You should be proud! Curtis


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