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Earl E. Nov...mber:
I put this on the Pow Wow, but will run it up the flag here again as it is probably more fitting here. A short time ago, I was fortunate enough to pick up an Old Howard Hill laminated Bamboo, paper backed bow, and a handful of arrows. I went to see one of the premier collectors in the country, where we where able to date the stuff to approx. 1938-194?. I would like to try and pin it down a little closer. In the late 30's a company known as Viking Archery, and located in San Francisco was the distributor for Howard Hill, as we found a small add in the back of an "Archery" magazine stating that. In 1942 the Ben Pearson Catalog had "Howard Hill Hunting Arrows", listed. All of this is close, but no cigar. I would really like to turn up a catalog, sell sheet etc from Viking in the hopes of finding anymore material that may be relevant. Any and all help is appreciated.


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