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Butterfield Brute


Charlie Lamb:
Ron.... I've always wondered if the Butterfield Brute was an offshoot of the "Giant Bear" Razorhead some how. I've never seen a Giant Bear in person but own a few of the Butterfields and seems like Ray (?) Butterfield was associated with Bear somehow. Any thoughts?

I use to shoot with Ray in northern Wisconsin. To my knowledge he did not copy the Giant Bear. I  think it was a coincidence. Clarence Love made the bleeder on his King of the Forest heads that was punched out from the ferrule. He tried to patent the idea and found out that Zwickey had beat him to the patent by a couple of days. They had no idea what the other was working on. Or notice how similar the Ivanhoe is to a Journeyman.      

Charlie Lamb:
Thanks Ron! They were a hell of a head! About the little hole on the Ivanhoe? Do you know if that if from a position mark in the die or for some purpose having to do with gluing it on the taper?

By the way, I think you need to put up a couple of pictures of different heads every day!!   :)

Yea, right! I only have about 400 of them!
The hole was for pinning the head to the shaft. This brown Ivanhoe was the one built for Bear Archery.

Charlie Lamb:
yep!! just exactly the kind of info I'm lookin for.


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