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Timberwolf Broadhead

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Charlie Lamb:
Anyone have a Timberwolf broadhead by the late Glen Parker. That was one stout broadhead.

Charlie;you want one that looks like this?


More to the story, the Timber wolf  was in fact a reincarnated Simmons Interceptor. This is the first Interceptor that Jerry Simmons built. He then sold the dies to Glen Parker. Glen had Bill Sweetland make him the ferrules for the Timber Wolf. There are 2 other versions of the Timberwolf that Glen build before he died, a 4 blade version and  a barbed model. I have  a box of the Timberwolf/Sweetland ferrules.

Charlie Lamb:
Ron.... That looks like the one I have! Kinda like a huge Bear Razorhead. What was the weight of that one. Around 170-190 as I recall.

I guess it's the others I didn't know about.

Years ago at a P&Y convention, Glenn and I harassed John Zwickey to reintroduce the Black Diamond Barbed head.   :D  He wasn't buying into the idea. I could have had a handfull of the pictured heads at the time if I'd wanted them. Glenn was a super guy. Miss him.

Here's the Barbed Timberwolf. This was just put on the ABCC master list in the past year.  


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