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Have never shot a black bear, but shot a grizzly in British Columbia.  It was a hair raising event.  I shot it from 20 yards, it spun around and ran right back on me.  There were no trees or rocks to get behind as I was up on the tundra.  I was lucky I was up hill some and the bear dropped at 10 feet in front of me.  It was so fast, I couldn't get another arrow out of my quiver.  Wife was about 100 yards off to my right watching the whole thing.  I think she was counting the insurance money. ha :biglaugh:

smokin joe:
About 30 years ago I was in the hospital for some spine surgery. The day after the surgery I was allowed to go to the patients' day room for a little change of scenery. In the day room I met another patient who had been chewed up by a black bear. His injuries were awful looking and I was shocked at the amount of damage the bear had done to him. A black bear probably won't kill a person, but it has the equipment to make a mess of you and have you in the hospital for a while.


--- Quote from: Joseph71 on February 18, 2017, 08:14:00 PM ---black bears are indeed dangerous animals to hunt...a big, mature, and smart, poorly hit black bear if not dealt with wisely after the shot, can cost a man his life for sure!

--- End quote ---
I think brown bears are smarter than black bears. They are very dangerous animals, no doubt to that but brown bears scare me more for some reason. Maybe it's because my uncle was attacked by an east siberian black bear 5 years ago in front of my eyes and lost his arm. I was preparing to move to Siberia in these days but this incident traumatized me so much that right after this incident I've changed my mind and decided to buy apartment in Torrevieja, the further away from east siberian black bears the better  :biglaugh:


--- Quote from: V I Archer on August 19, 2016, 06:57:00 PM ---

My first black bear way back in 2001. 54 pound 21st century constellation, 2016 xx78 arrow and a Zwickey Eskimo broadhead.  Shot at 8 yards.  Bear ran straight up a tree, hung out for a few minutes and dropped.  No blood trail to follow.

Bears are pretty thinned skinned and fairly easy to punch through, but the heavy hair can soak up a lot of blood before it hits the ground.

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I first time heard about bear hunting ... really wonderful


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