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Arrow weight for bear

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Same as for whitetails for me.

One grain per pound of bear, 300 grain for little guys and 1000 grain for big ones.  Only problem is you need to carry a whole quiver of different weight arrows and a scale for the bear  :)

Anything you use for deer will work for bears

Dalton Gray:
Honestly I think you're probably fine with what you've got. My general rule of thumb is to shoot 9-12 grains per pound on my set up. Different people have different preferences though and if that works for you then go for it!!!! I'm also hoping to get a bear this year so good luck and shoot a big one!!!! I look forward to seeing pictures soon!!!

Shot a 200#ish boar this last fall. 50@32 recurve, shooting a 592 grain arrow. 29 yards....tucked tight in the shoulder, quarter to, arrow hanging by the fletches just ahead of hindquarters.
Your setup is close to mine. Dead bear!! Good luck. Scott.


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