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Arrow weight for bear

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I shot a grizzly and had complete pass thru, but with a little more poundage than you are shooting.  As everyone said, there is not a lot of heavy bone structure in a bear.  Just pick a spot tight to the front leg and let her fly.
I shot my grizzly at 20 yards and it ran back on me, but dropped at 10 yards.  I took the heart out of it.  Was so fast, I couldn't even get another out of my bow quiver.

Phillip Fields:
I took my 200ish bear with my Black Widow PL, 44#@28" (I draw 28"). Arrow weighed 448 gr. Broadhead was hanging out far side of bear. 35 yard recovery.

My last bear was 410 #. I shot him with a 53# longbow shooting cedar arrows at about 560 grains with a Zwickey Delta on it.  Complete penetration. He went about 35 yards. 


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