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What glove do you use when bowhunting with a sidearm?

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Hey guys, this is my first post here.  I've been lurking for the past. Purple months, and thoroughly enjoyed the community here. I'm pretty new to hunting, but shot bows in 4-H and JOAD when I was in high school.

I'm just wondering what all y'all like for a glove when you're hunting dangerous game, and still want to have quick access and good trigger control should something go apocalyptically wrong and you have to draw your side arm. (Assuming you hunt with a sidearm.... If not, or if you use a tab, I'd still be interested in hearing what gear you use.)

Take care,

Sam McMichael:
I hunt with a tab exclusively, so it is no problem to quickly flip it around and pull the pistol. I don't hunt much dangerous game, so I carry a handgun primarily for two legged predators, making a quick draw generally unnecessary.

Sam, thanks for the input!

Your not the first person to suggest a tab, and I used them when I was shooting Olympic style archery. I might have to look into that option again, as I'm having a bear of a time finding a glove that I like.

Scott E:
Try a  bateman tab and keep the elastic loose.

I don't think I could get my fingers inside of a trigger guard with a glove on.

I'll check out the Bateman.

I ordered a cavalier elite because a lot of the guys I shot JOAD with really liked it, and Amazon was able to get it here soon enough that I'll be able to use it the next time I can make it to the range, but I'm considering the black widow Palm tab and tuff safari as well,


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